Monday, 16 July 2007


Well, I have finally got around to making a map of our journey on GoogleMaps.

Click Here to Check It Out!!! :)

I would have liked to have had it more detailed and truly show the path we took but every time I tried it would give me a headache. So now it is just a straight line from sleeping place to sleeping place but you can get the idea.

I would also like to say a big thanks to everyone who has been posting comments...well, that would be Steph and Tony ;) It is appreciated and the more comments i get the happier I feel, cheers. If anyone else would like to say something please don't be shy...even if it is just to say that I'm a dickhead :)

Take care

ben :)


Steph said...

hi ben! thanks for doing the map. i've been putting off doing one for the kids . . . how was i going to print out the whole of europe and the middle east AND find these obscure little villages :)

they're back from their holiday. the kids look great! reb's in recovery. :) and dirk comes home today. let the marriage begin!


Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

I think you are a real adventurer. This account is fascinating!