Monday, 23 July 2007

Pilgrimage from Novi Ligure to Molini 22/07/07

I had my alarm set this morning for 5am but when it went off I felt terrible. I still wasn’t feeling good at 7am so rolled back over and finally woke again at 09:30 feeling slightly better. It was already starting to get hot so I figured I would just stroll quietly along, stopping when necessary.

Because I haven’t had a map I have been confined to the main roads. It hasn’t been nice. After about 8kms I spotted a shopping centre and stopped there.

The place was huge and luckily it was open Sundays. They also had great maps, lifting my spirit immensely. I sat down and plotted a nice course for myself through the hills to Genova.

It was great to once again be on a small winding mountain road. I had a great walk following a river and then around 19:00 I heard some music in this little village I was passing through.

Sure enough I had stumbled upon another festival. I couldn’t resist and within a minute of walking in the bar staff had bought me a drink. The Italians are so generous…it’s amazing :)

For a small village in the middle nowhere Voltaggio definitely put on a good party. I was very impressed with the turnout for a Sunday night but I think more than half the people there were staff ;)

The organizer of the festival soon heard I was around, and being an unusual specimen I was soon showered with gifts. It was great! I came away with two T-Shirts, a few free beers, a keyring, and some cakes. Amazing people…Italy is great!

So at least I will be able to walk into town tomorrow with a clean shirt. I am REALLY starting to smell. I have no clean anything :(

I decided I better drag myself away if I was going to have any chance of making it to Genova early tomorrow, so saying my farewells I was back on the road.

I only made it another 5kms before it started to get dark, so spotting a nice spot by the river I decided to call it a night.

The nice spot wasn’t so nice, but probably because of the beers I camped anyway. I was on a slope and my head was about a foot higher than my feet. The ground was also just river-rocks so half my tent pegs couldn’t go in. Lets just hope it doesn’t rain!


William said...

If you can put a little detail in of the name of the campsite or hotel you stop in that would be great. I have read the blog and at the speed you are going we may catch up with you as we are cycling in August.

William and Bronwyn

pris said...

Hi Ben!
it looks wonderful, i wish you the best....
and for sure, i already sent an email to my friend..... wait for news.... take care...

Ben :) said...


i will try to start adding more details...especially if i find something good :)

and thanks pri, u r great :)

Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

Glad I found your blog... am sure to enjoy reading it! I hope to walk some of the Camino of St James from le Puy next year.

Rebecca said...

Hi Ben!!
sounds like you're having a fantastic time, sometimes i wish i was over there with you . . . . then the reality of it sinks in and im glad i have hot water and a comfy bed :)

reb xxoo