Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Besancon 30/06/07

Today was a complete write-off!

The only reason I got out of bed at all was because the reception kept on calling me to pay for another night. It didn’t help that I kept saying “ill be right down” and then I would roll over and go back to sleep :)

So at around 2pm I finally dragged myself down to the reception and figured while I was up I better get to the supermarket to get some food. It will be Sunday tomorrow so if I miss the shops I will probably starve to death in the hills.

I then decided to get another couple of hours sleep and at about 18:30 started getting hungry. Dan was only just arising himself so we went to get pizza.

Being Saturday night we knew that we should really go out and party again but neither of us was up to it. I figured that if we didn’t party once in a blue moon that would be OK. Luckily for us tonight is a blue moon :) After a couple of glasses of red wine it was back to bed for an early night.

Renee has decided that every full moon she will say a prayer and send me out some good vibes. It was really nice to know that while I was lying in bed looking out the window someone was sending me some good energy. Thanks lil p :)

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