Sunday, 29 July 2007

Pilgrimage from Manarola to Ameglia 28/07/07

The one condition I had at staying at the apartment was that I had to leave at 7am because my wonderful hosts had a train to catch. It was a struggle I tell you! There was way too much beer and wine consumed yesterday.

I managed to walk the short distance to Riomaggiore and stopped for breakfast. I had a ham and mushroom omelet which was excellent.

I then only managed to stumble another 300m before passing out on the track. I slept for an hour, got up to keep walking, made it another 300m and crashed out again :) When I finally became conscious it was lunchtime.

The track was once again almost vertical and my body wasn’t handling it. Luckily I came across a main road, so ditching the idea of walking over the mountains I headed for the tunnel. This made the walk almost bearable.

This morning when I started walking I thought I would be lucky to make it the 12kms to La Spezia today, but thankfully my body was starting to play the game again. I arrived around 14:00, had lunch and kept walking.

It was an easier walk than the last few days so by 20:00 I had managed to clock up around 30kms. I was pretty happy with that.

I found a campground called “Camping River”, but when I went to check-in they wanted to charge me €32!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! The woman at the counter must have seen that I was about to vomit in her desk because the price soon dropped to €20. Even that is pretty excessive for a campground but I was too tired to argue.

I then met up with this group of Dutch and Belgians who were cooking this big pot of Belgian stew and invited me for dinner. Thanks guys :)


Andrea Pancotti said...

i linked this site in wikipedia now!
Via Francigena

Ben :) said...

your a champion...

thanks :)