Saturday, 21 July 2007

Pilgrimage from Vercelli to Casale Monferatto 19/07/07

Stefano was around at 07:30 to pick up the keys so it was a good chance to make an early start. I was feeling a bit better but had had a pretty restless sleep.

Dan decided to join me for today’s walk to finish off his pilgrimage. It has been almost a week since we last saw each other so it was good to swap stories. He almost died in the Alps and decided that’s where his pilgrimage really ended. It all sounded pretty wild. I’m glad I chose the route I did :)

As it started to get hot we passed through a little town called Cappuccini, we couldn’t resist having a “cappuccino in Cappuccini”.

It was then a very boring, HOT, straight walk to our destination. And did I mention it was HOT. It was!!! Really HOT!!!

I was taking it easy after yesterday and resting a lot but it still felt stupid to be walking in this temperature. I will have to get an earlier start tomorrow.

About 5kms from our destination, needing to find some shade, we found a McDonalds. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate place for Dan to finish his pilgrimage ;) So after a huge McLunch and feeling very ill we stumbled across to the shopping centre next door.

Dan needed to book some flights and since we couldn’t find an internet café he went and booked at a travel agency. The two girls there were great and even offered us a lift into town. As Dan’s pilgrimage had finished he accepted. We decided to meet back up at the internet café in town.

The last 5kms were easy but when I got to the internet place Dan was nowhere to be seen. I spent an hour waiting then decided I better go find a place to stay. There were no campgrounds or hostels so I had to cough up €40. I wasn’t happy :( but at least the room was nice.

Finally Dan decided to call. Unable to find the internet café he had waited in the town square for me to walk by. I didn’t and he was just about to catch his train so there wasn’t any time to catch up…enjoy your time at the beach :)

I then met up with this crazy Brazilian girl who was absolutely mad…but in a really beautiful way. A very unique young woman.

The group of people she was with were all going to a nightclub out of town and invited me along.

Still feeling the effects of the Sun I didn’t want to drink too much but it wasn’t to be. They obviously don’t get many Australians in these parts because the bar tenders didn’t let me pay for a drink and then the nightclub manager took it upon himself to ensure that I didn’t leave his club alive. He almost succeeded ;) After way too many glasses of Italian sparkling wine I don’t really remember leaving but I know had heaps of fun. Thanks guys :)

The next thing I know I got dropped back into town but couldn’t remember where my hotel was. I had a map but I couldn’t get it together enough to match any of the streets I could see to it. So after God knows how many minutes/hours wondering in circles I finally located it.

I don’t know what time it was but I’m sure there is no way I will be waking up to my alarm at 04:30 tomorrow.

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