Thursday, 26 July 2007

Pilgrimage from Sori to San Salvatore 25/07/07

Another stunning walk today! This coast is awesome…

I left Christians at 8am, and was just taking it easy and enjoying the view.

After 4kms I stopped at this little Café called the Sports Bar and had some coffee and croissants. I sat outside and had hardly said anything to the waiters at all, so they didn’t know what I was doing, but when I went to pay, the owner came running out and gave me my money back! I don’t know whether he recognized me as a pilgrim or whether I just look poor but it was really nice :) I can’t say too often how generous the people are here…

It was then a great walk, winding around these little coves towards San Salvatore where I have another couch waiting.

At 14:00 and with only 10kms to go I stopped for a picnic lunch by the harbor. The best thing was that I had free internet there so I stayed until my battery ran out :)

I arrived in San Salvatore at 19:00, just as Carlo my host was arriving home from work. He is a really interesting guy. He cooked an awesome pesto pasta for dinner and we had long discussions on religion. Best of all he doesn’t drink so it was good to have a night away from the wine ;)

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Andrea Pancotti said...

seems that everyone can recognize a pilgrim... and everyone is willing to help him.