Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Pilgrimage from Besancon to Ornans 01/07/07

It was another late start today…

Dan and I were still recovering from our big Friday night so we were quite happy to be moving slowly.

It wasn’t until around noon that we finally started out of the city but within a couple of kms we thought we better stop for lunch. At 14:00 we started proper. We thought we had 33kms to walk till Ornans, which is where we wanted to spend the night, so it wasn’t looking like we would make it.

After 9kms we saw a sign to Ornans which read “15kms”. Checking our maps we were extremely happy to realize we had miscalculated and that we did in fact only have another few hours walking ahead of us.

It has been good having someone to talk to again. I was starting to go a little crazy walking by myself ;)

Ornans is a wonderful little town with the feeling of being a summer holiday hotspot.

We rocked in at 8pm and Dan decided to get a beer….Yes, only Dan :) After an hour of lounging round we then headed out of town to find a campsite.

We thought it would be quite easy to find a suitable place along one of the many walking tracks in the area but of course we were mistaken. There was nothing other than thick forest or paddocks full of cows. We were soon running out of daylight and to make it worse it was just starting to rain.

Right on dark we found a patch of plantation pines and setup there. They offered us just enough cover to get the tents up without getting too wet.

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