Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Pilgrimage from Aigle to Martigny 10/07/07

It still amazes me that we can sleep-in, while outdoors, with trucks racing over our head...but we did :)

Getting up around 10:00 we attempted to find a track to take us in the right direction. Instead we found a big shopping center so at least we could stock up on food.

Dan has been talking about going back to Montreux for Faithless but I’m not keen. Tori Amos is playing tomorrow night so if I went back I would have to say for that as well…and then probably for the rest of the week ;)

After talking to one of the locals they told him that if he walked much further it would be hard to get a bus back so he was off.

From the shopping center I decided to go cross-country to find the Rhone river. This would be the easiest thing for me to follow. I could see where I needed to get to but the scrub around the track was extremely thick. It was a mission but I finally made it through and it was easy sailing from then on. Apart from the bloody rain!!! When will it stop?

St Maurice is an amazing little town. It has an old church and quaint, medieval streets. From there it was a wonderful walk with waterfalls, high cliffs and the raging river the whole way to Martigny.

I was told by the Information Center that the abbey in town puts up pilgrims but upon arriving the man didn’t speak any English and just looked at me like I was mad. Always worth a try though :)

There is no YHA or backpackers here so it was then off to the campground. I hope the rain stays away because it is freezing up here already.

The best thing is that they have internet, so I have stayed up all night writing my blog.


Steph said...

having raised you, ben, and knowing your affinity with sleep and your sleeping bag - it doesn't surprise me at all that you sleep in with trucks whizzing past your head!!!

one question though . . . with all this rain, how are you staying dry?

Steph said...

Trading Tori Amos for forward motion reminds me of Lesson One of the Road to Santiago - go forward; there is only the road ahead. Although lately I've been getting some readings on depth . . .

Stay true :)

Ben :) said...


sleeping under overpasses is how we keep dry...or the YHAs.