Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Reims 18/06/07

We really are going really slow!!!

Dan is struggling to get his head around walking again so we are having another day off. When we look at a map of what we have done compared to what we have to do it is quite depressing ;)

I also tried to stay off the booze today….But I failed miserably :) I managed to make it to the early afternoon just bumming around and catching up with everything I needed to do on the net. But when we went for dinner Dan was feeling depressed and needed a beer so being a good friend I joined him. Then when we got back a cool American couple invited us to share a bottle of champagne with them. Thanks guys!

After that I decided I better say goodbye to Vincent who has been showing us around over the last few days so it was off to the Irish pub for a few more pints.

But we are determined to start walking tomorrow!

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