Sunday, 7 October 2007

Ancona to Zadar by FERRY!!! 06/10/07

Today truly felt like our last day in Italy. We have our tickets in hand so barring getting our passports stolen, this is it!

Our ferry doesn’t leave till 10pm so we have all day to fill in. A long list of things to do awaits us but firstly our goal is to make it up the hill to the cathedral. It was a bit of a struggle but well worth it. A brilliant view of the harbour was there to meet us :)

On the way down we were fortunate enough to stick our heads in to an art gallery where we were warmly greeted by Paulo. What a champion! A typical “Trekkie” with a huge heart. I was touched by his response when asked about religion,

“We are all sons of a neverending love”

And then we were in for a treat. It was time for Paulo’s lunchbreak so we got some local knowledge on a good restaurant. And it didn’t disappoint….

Then we just had to fill in time till 22:00. The main thing that strikes me about Ancona is how busy it is. It is probably the busiest Italian city I have seen bar Rome!

After another great meal for dinner and a bottle of wine it was time to board. I headed straight for the bar…

Soon after the ferry started moving Steph promptly crashed out so it was just me and my beer. Luckily, a young Italian couple came and sat on the couch across from me so at least I now had a drinking buddie ;)

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