Saturday, 6 October 2007

Pescara to Ancona By TRAIN!!! 05/10/07

It was a bit like “Ground Hog” day today, minus the early rise. Once again we packed with the hope of leaving Pescara around lunch. Fingers crossed Steph’s computer would turn up…

I on the other hand, had to get a new mic for Steph’s camera. We have been learning a lot from watching our videos, and one of the big points has been sound!

Hours of searching came to nothing. All I managed to round up was a new crocodile clip for my wireless mic (I am sure I will loose the one I have), which cost me €10!!! Couldn’t believe it, but it sure beats trying to find one in the middle of the Syrian desert ;)

Back at the Apple store Steph was having much better luck. Her macbook had arrived and she was very excited with her new purchase.

And then we finally managed to leave Pescara! What a relief that was! It is a nice town and I had a great time, but when I am not moving forward I start to feel a bit lost…

Arriving in Ancona, we headed straight for the port, figuring if we could get a ferry straight to Zadar then we’d take it. But it wasn’t to be, one more night in Italy…

I had a big urge to go and drink some beer, so after a quick shower I was off to find an Irish pub. And believe it or not (Steph couldn’t) I found one. A pint and a hamburger went down like a dream :)

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