Monday, 22 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Brela to Gornji Tupeci 19/10/07

Holly fuck!!! What a night!!!!!!

It started with the slight “patter patter” of rain on the tent. I woke up, checked the walls…everything was dry, I crashed out…

Then suddenly the ground started shaking. I could feel the thunder as it peeled overhead. Checking the walls once again…everything was ok, I crashed out…

Then suddenly all hell broke loose! They call it the “Bora”, a wind that turns up every autumn from Hungry to wreak havoc on anyone silly enough to be camping in it’s path.


I managed to sleep through most of it but finally at 4am my tent collapsed! I could feel my feet were wet; the bottom of my tent was like a lake. Getting up I figured I better go and check on Steph, and fix my tent.

Steph’s tent was dead flat! I knew there were some changing rooms above so I went for a look. After checking the first three to no avail, I was starting to think Steph had bailed and gone looking for a hotel. But then there she was…sound asleep in a 1m x 1m cubicle! I was impressed :)

After fixing my tent I managed to weather out the last two hours.

Surveying the damage in the morning was quite amusing. Steph had got away unscathed! Apart from my sleeping mat, sleeping bag and of course my tent, most of my stuff had remained surprisingly dry. That is, except for the plastic bag of wires and small electrical items that is secured in a larger waterproof bag. The same bag my computer, video camera, etc, is kept in. All the other electrical items in the bag were dry, but the plastic bag of wires was soaked!!! I couldn’t believe it. One of Gods little tricks. But luckily there was no damage :)

The wind didn’t abate as it got lighter either. Strong enough to knock you sideways! It made it bloody hard to walk.

Stopping just outside of Makarska to dry everything out, we then headed into the mountains.

Animal on a spit, (we are not quite sure what animal), seems to be a specialty around these parts. There have been restaurants serving this the whole way down the Croatian coast but it has never been ready as I am passing.

Tonight I thought I was in luck. We could see smoke billowing from the restaurant up ahead and decided to stop and eat. Unfortunately there was no spitted animal, but the BBQ meat they had cooked looked delicious. They said it was chicken, but I’m sure it was pork ;) But…whatever it was it was awesome!

It was then on, into the hills to camp…

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