Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Split 15/10/07

Having free internet in the hostel is great! The one problem being I was up half the night ;)

The plan of attack for today was to pack up, do a walking tour, find a printing place to print some business cards and do my laundry.

After a very rushed false start, we regathered our thoughts and tried again. This time everything fell into place. My business cards would only take 24 hours so we postponed the walking tour for a day.

The laundrymat was owned by an Australian couple and funnily enough there were two young Australian guys doing their laundry there as well. We all had a great chat…it was very amusing :)

Split is a really special city. The old palace is a mass of narrow streets, which then open up onto the harbour…


After a delicious seafood pizza, a couple of glasses of wine and thrashing Stephanie at backgammon once again, it was back to the hostel to once again spend all night on the net…

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