Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Pescara 03/10/07

Finally, a day of rest! :)

It was a great feeling waking up this morning knowing that I didn’t have to walk anywhere. I still had a lot to take care of, but at least my feet would get a brake.

The first job of the day was to find a laundry. Even though I have cut back on some clothes, (yes Dan, the clubbing shirt and the jeans have gone ;) ), I still have way too much to hand-wash. Thank God!

When we got back, it was straight on the computer to ensure my life in the real world keeps functioning. What a headache, it is a pleasant fantasy to imagine finding a little town on the Syrian desert and retiring, never to be seen again…

A couple from Couchsurfing wanted to meet up to hear about our travels so it was a good chance to have a little respite and relax for a couple of hours.

Carissa and Arnaldo were great. Both extremely warm and entertaining individuals. Thanks for the Gelato and mososito(???) guys. Make sure you keep in touch :)

Dinner was also an interesting adventure tonight. Around 18:30 we stopped at a little café in the middle of town to ask if they did pasta. The waitress decided it was still too early, but after we tried to ask if she could point us in the direction of a restaurant that would be open she bailed and went to get someone who spoke better English.

This new woman explained that it was too early for any restaurants, but then like having an epiphany, she decided they could actually do us some pasta. She gave us the choice of the “local pasta” or “tomato pasta”. I chose the local and Steph chose the tomato.

You can imagine Steph and I had a big laugh when my “local pasta” turned out to be a crepe! Lucky I’m not fussy. And it was delicious anyway…

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