Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Dubrovnik to Mlini 29/10/07

Another morning where I really didn’t want to get out of bed...and to make it worse we are meant to be starting walking again! There were a few last things we needed to get done in Dubrovnik before heading off, so I had to drag myself up. It was pretty painful…

Our tasks were done by lunchtime, and as the food here has been soooooo good we stopped for one last meal on the way out. The meals arrived and Steph took one look at hers and decided it wasn’t even worth trying, at least she thought mine looked slightly edible so we swapped. I am not so fussy with my food, but this was really bad! It was probably the worst meal I have had on the whole pilgrimage! And this is coming from someone who is happy with a cold tin of baked beans and stale bread ;)

The main road out of town sticks quite high in the hills above the city, so rather than climb all the way up we decided to stay lower and see if we could still make our way around the headland. After about 2kms things started looking bad. Our road ended with an abandoned hotel and there was no-one to ask for directions.

Then, spotting a track about 100m back we were blessed with an amazing walk around the cliffs. Looking back on Dubrovnik was really moving, it felt like I was looking back in time 1000 years.

A slight problem we are now faced with is the end of daylight savings. It now gets dark at 5pm!!! Steph doesn’t like walking the main roads at night because of the trucks and buses, and I don’t really blame her. But I don’t know if I can stop at 5pm every day. I will start to go crazy.

It was quite funny when we found a spot to stop for the night. After 5 minutes of sitting in silence wondering what we were going to do with ourselves until we felt tired enough to sleep, Steph had a great idea that instead of stopping to camp when it gets dark, we would find a café or restaurant to sit in and play on our computers for a couple of hours. This will sure beat 14 hours in the tent every night!

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There was a bar 100m down the road so we didn’t have to go far. After pizza, the thought of going and setting up our tents was all a bit too much so we got a room instead :)

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