Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Mlini to Herceg Novi 30/10/07

Montenegro here we come!!!

I left my map in the restaurant last night so we are not sure how far we have to go to the border…but I think we will make it today :)

It was 7am when we first got walking and we made pretty good time. The autumn colours in the valley were stunning! It was really a treat for our last day in Croatia.

Around lunchtime we passed another roasting animal on a spit. I had forgotten all about them and I still hadn’t managed to try one. This would probably be my last chance…for a Croatian one anyway. I couldn’t resist and I could see it was just about ready. My mouth was watering as I went to ask the waitress how long it would be till it was finished. Much to my dismay she explained that the whole animal had been pre-ordered! It just wasn’t meant to be, but I’m hoping it will be a Montenegrin thing as well.

We were lucky we loaded up on some food from a supermarket because that was the last restaurant we saw. Bread and cheese again…

And then around 4pm the border appeared!

We had made it. With only one hour of daylight left we set off to find a restaurant for dinner. I couldn’t wait to see what specialties the Montenegrins would have to offer.

The food was great, but when we went to pay for the bill they had obviously overcharged us! They didn’t speak any English but none of the prices they were listing matched up for anything we had ordered. I finally got sick of and went to find some police, but we were in the middle of nowhere, there were no police to be found anywhere. So instead now I will just write nasty things about them here…

It is called the Palovic (or something like that) motel. It’s the first one you see after crossing from Croatia, about 1km past the border on the right hand side. Avoid it like the plague ;)

We then walked off in search of rooms and just to make our mood worse everything was shut…and it started to rain!

But just then we had success. The owners of this little apartment were absolutely wonderful. It was cheap, clean and they even cooked us pancakes before bed. Thanks guys :)

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