Thursday, 18 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Stobrec to Omis 17/10/07

“Rise and shine…!”

It was 07:15 and I definitely wasn’t ready to shine. Having agreed to an early start, I forced myself out of my warmth and back onto the road.

The exciting news is we have our first taker for Couchsurfing since leaving Rome (well actually second, the first we embarrassingly stood up :( ) This gave us a 20km walk along the Adriatic.
It was marvelous!

Stopping frequently to relax and play backgammon on deserted beaches, we still made good time.

Strolling into Omis at around 15:30, we found a café to wait out the 2½ hours till Ivan, our host, would finish work.

And some more good news is Steph’s actually starting to play backgammon again! We have decided to reset the score as it was getting a bit ridiculous :) But Steph doesn’t want to start scoring again until she wins three games in a row. She came close today, but I’m still of the opinion that it won’t happen before Istanbul ;)

Ivan was a really cool guy. He works as a journalist in Split and was more than happy to fill us in on all the historical details of Croatia/Yogoslvia we had been missing. Over a huge pizza and some beer, it made for a great evening. He also explained that Omis is famous as an old pirate port. How exciting!

And to top it off, the “couch” we were expecting turned out to be an apartment. Couchsurfing in luxury!!! Thanks mate, you’re a champion :)

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Rebecca said...


Love the first installment of the movie!! however i am a little confused as to what happened to arsoli?? why could you not go there?? and who is emilio? apart from the friend of the guy who picked you up in the 4wd. love the look on mums face when she is told there are no rooms at the start :)
happy travels


Ben :) said...


well, maybe my movie making skills still need a bit of work ;)

we did go to arsoli, and i almost went again by getting lost.

and emilio was just emilio. he was the guy who picked me up and let me stay :)