Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Piano Della Fara to Pescara 02/10/07

I was up and away by 7am this morning, hoping to be able to have lunch with Steph in Pescara.

I chose the road that I was on thinking it would be a pleasant walk along the river. I was very wrong! There was no river to be seen and it was anything but quiet.

But it meant that I made good time. I was wearing my mp3 player for the first time since leaving Rome, but I pushed myself a little too hard. By the time I met Steph at 1pm I was exhausted!

After a great lunch I got my first view of the Adriatic. WOW!!! It’s all quite exciting…from here on in I am in unknown territory.

Lying down to relax by the seashore, I was soon fast asleep. It had been a hard day.

And then it got even harder! We went to see what time the ferries left and what do you know, they stopped last week! There are now no more boats from Pescara to Split until March. I was not impressed!!!

So now we had a decision to make. We could either walk 300kms South to Bari, or catch the train 150kms North to Ancona (there is no way I’m walking back North ;) ).

Ancona won out. We could then get a ferry 100kms north of Split to Zadar getting some more of the Croatian coastline in. So all ended well. It also means that I will get a couple of days rest, the next ferry isn’t until Thursday.

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