Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Vrgorac to Medugorje 21/10/07

Yes!!! There was hot water…I was dreaming of not getting out of bed otherwise…

It is always an exciting feeling waking up knowing that I will be entering a new country. Bosnia here we come!

The other exciting thing about this morning is that Ivan had said he would try to get us in today’s paper. As we were leaving town we found a little corner store and went to check…

WOW!!! We got a full page!

Ivan…You’re a champion!!!!!!!!!!

And then the phone started ringing, we couldn’t read the article but Ivan had put my contact details in. It was awesome to start receiving offers of meals and accommodation, and quite overwhelming the amount of support we were being offered. A big “Thank you” everyone. We are really touched.

Unfortunately, most of the offers were for towns we had already past, but then we received a message from Hotel Rosabel in Medugorje. We would have hot showers again tonight :)

Crossing the border was a laugh. We thought border post was empty, so I videoed Steph walking through. After attempting to do a summersault over the boom gate, she then ran across the border yelling “I’m free!”. Much to my amusement, and her embarrassment, the border guard then emerged not looking so happy. Neither of us could stop laughing…

We then made great time to Medugorje. Steph has definitely found her walking legs; 30kms is now starting to become too easy for her!

We were warmly welcomed at Hotel Rosabel by the owners Nikola and Mira. They are truly a kind and generous couple; it is great to meet such wonderful people. There Hotel is brand new and spotless. I would recommend it to anyone heading this way.

Nikola and Mira
Hotel Rosabel – Medugorje
Ph: +387 6336 0925

And to top it off they prepared a divine meal. We were in pilgrim heaven :)

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