Friday, 12 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Zadar to Sv. Petar 09/10/07

Six am came a bit too quickly this morning…

I had been up half the night trying to get some more videos done, but still wanted to get an early start. Frantically we stuffed the last of our crap into our packs and ran down the road to catch the 06:25 bus. We were just in time :)

The guys at our cafĂ© in town weren’t too happy to see us as we once again took up our positions on their lounges, right on 7am to do the last of our internetting.

The walk out of Zadar was nice, but once again we were on a main road. It didn’t help that Steph was feeling sick, so it was a stop/start, stop/start kind of day.

It was looking like Steph was going to catch a bus, but then she go one final burst of energy which took her all the way to Sv. Petar, 17kms from Zadar. I was impressed and was happy to call it a day when we found a campground right on the Adriatic.

Sitting down by the shore we were once again treated to a spectacular sunset…

It feels great to be on the road again…

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