Saturday, 27 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Gabela to Klek 24/10/07

It was a cold night, and when we awoke we could see why…we had had our first frost! The tents were frozen :)

We got an early start, but very soon after starting things started looking a bit pear shaped. Our first stop should have been the Croatian border, a couple of kilometers down the road, but suddenly we were crossing the river. According to the map this shouldn’t have happened…and there shouldn’t have been anywhere to go wrong :( It was just one of those things…

The only thing I can think of (because there is no way we could have just taken a wrong turn ;) ) is that the map must be a bit out of date and the border crossing is no longer in use, so they have diverted the road. Whatever happened, we ended up doing a few extra kilometers to Metkovic.

As we were trying to find our road out of town, we kept hearing mixed stories about the next border crossing, back into Bosnia, 20 kilometers down the road. Some people said it was open, some said it wasn’t. As our alternative route was an extra 20kms walk, we thought we would take the risk…

It was a beautiful walk, and to make it even more beautiful, one of the locals stopped and invited us in for lunch.

Tereza personifies generosity and kindness. She made us a beautiful lunch, served with homemade wine, and loaded us up with homegrown fruit to take on our journey. Her three children and her are all well traveled, and extremely open people. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with you guys. Thanks heaps :)

A short while after leaving, Tereza’s son pulled up in a car with some bad news. They definitely aren’t letting foreigners through at the border. We had a choice to make…

Tereza once again showed her generosity by offering us a lift back to Metkovic. Steph was inclined to head back, but for me it felt right to keep on going. I was pretty sure I could make it across…even if it meant sneaking through the hills ;)

But then luckily a solution came about. They had just built a new road through the hills to the coast. The border crossing down there would be fine to cross, and it meant no extra walking. We were very happy :)

The towns along this road were amazingly busy. It felt like the middle of nowhere, but the streets were all full of people. And they were all so friendly…it was great!

Our new road was just a little dirt track, but it gave us a stunning view of the lake as the sun was setting. Reaching the top just on dark we thought we were in luck. There was a cute little parish beckoning to us to come in and sleep the night…

But it was locked! We couldn’t believe it. After a few minutes of searching for a key, and me trying to pick the lock, we resigned ourselves to setting camp once again.

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