Saturday, 27 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Medugorje to Gabela 23/10/07

Oooooh my God! What a night!!!

I don’t know what time I got home but I didn’t get much sleep. One of the fathers had offered to give me a blessing but I had to be down to see him before 08:30. At 08:20 I dragged myself down to breakfast but he had already left. Luckily though, I have felt blessed by everyone I’ve talked to since being here :)

Sharing a table with me for breakfast were two Irish priests, Father Tony and Father Rory. Two very entertaining guys, it was a pleasure talking to both of you, thanks :)

Father Rory also shared a story of his that nicely summed up the reason for my documentary. In a nutshell it went something like this…

“In 2000, I had been asked to go on a tour to Jerusalem. It was just after the intifida had started so I was a bit hesitant. Like a lot of people, I believed that the Palestinians were all suicide bombers and terrorists. What I experienced after arriving couldn’t have been more different. After finding out I was a Catholic priest, they wouldn’t let me pay for anything. Everything I needed provided, they were the most generous people I had ever met.”

It is stories like this that I hear and experience every day. The goal of my documentary is to make people think twice about their preconceived prejudices. I don’t expect to change them, that comes from first hand experience, but at least if the prejudices are challenged, people might take the next step and go and see for themselves.

I was in no mood to walk, and luckily Steph was happy to take it easy as well so it wasn’t till 13:00 that we finally said goodbye to our wonderful hosts at the Rosabel Hotel and staggered out of Medugorje.

As the caffeine started to kick in the walking got easier. We ended up making pretty good time.

As it was getting dark we found a great little paddock, hidden from the road by the railway tracks, and pitched camp.

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