Friday, 12 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Pakostane to Vodice 11/10/07

WOW!!! What a windy night! I woke up thinking we were in the middle of a cyclone and was impressed that both our tents stayed up. Thank God for that :)

The rain had mostly disappeared but it was still cold.

Steph was also feeling pretty sick. It made for slow going as we had to stop every 1-2kms. All that she wanted to do was get a bus and find a bed, but having taken the dirt track it wasn’t an option, and it wasn’t looking good…I was having visions of getting a helicopter to airlift her out.

But after a couple of Panadols she soldiered on and managed to drag herself the 12kms to Prosika. It was a great effort!

There wasn’t much in Prosika going on so Steph decided to bus it to Sibenik. I will see her again tomorrow and hopefully she will be feeling better.

The highlight of the day had to be coming across a sign pointing to Rome in one direction and Jerusalem in the other! It made my heart jump with joy…but my mind was a bit distressed with how far they thought it was to Jerusalem, 7001kms. By my calculations it should have been that far from Canterbury, meaning under 5000kms from here! I really hope it’s them that’s wrong, but I really don’t have a clue :)

I haven’t used he internet in a few days, but I know I will have access tomorrow. Vodice was a big town and was sure to have an internet café, but I still planned to walk through without stopping. Just as I was getting to the outskirts, something told me to go jump on the net anyway. So I listened…

And I was glad I did. The café owner, an Englishman by the name of Chris, was very interested with what I was doing and the inquired if I was going to pass through Medjugorje. I had never heard of it, so we did a quick search on google and found out it was just off my planned path. I would have o go for a look!

The rumor has it that an apparition appears to people here and it has become quite a pilgrims destination in it’s own right. It’s random things like this that really keep the journey interesting. Thanks Chris :)

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