Monday, 1 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Gorano Sicoli to Vittorito 30/09/07

For once I was up and ready before Steph…I was very pleased with myself :)

The owners of the hotel were also in a much better mood. The woman came in very cheerfully bearing croissants and coffee for our breakfast. This was a big surprise as they left us with the impression last night that we would have to fend for ourselves.

It was slow going out of town as it was straight up the mountains. Once clearing the top though the view was sensational!

The road down the other side was even steeper than the one we had just climbed. It meant winding back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…I’m sure you get the idea and it was driving me crazy. We could see the town we wanted to get to the whole time and it never appeared to get any closer!

But finally we made it.

Not realizing it was Sunday; we almost had to go hungry. None of the restaurants in town were open. Then one of the bar owners who we were asking for directions remembered he had some pizza for his own lunch and was more than happy to share. We were very thankful :)

The road to our next destination took us around another valley with more stunning views.

I was very pleased when we passed a sign stating that Vittorito was a wine-producing town. And I wasn’t to be disappointed :) Soon enough we came across a storage shed full of wine. I stuck my head in and inquired about purchasing a bottle. The old man working there was all too happy to oblige. Running over to the shed he soon appeared with a bottle and much to his son’s disgust wouldn’t accept any money. What a champion!

Deciding to try to find some dinner before heading out to camp, we were lucky enough to find a bar owned by this guy called Nino…

Nino use to be a station master in Melbourne 50 years ago and was very happy to keep us entertained while we ate. A really cool guy! Thanks mate!

The paddock we found to camp in a couple of kms down the road was great…but I was even happier with the wine we had been given to drink before bed ;) It was delicious!

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