Thursday, 11 October 2007

Zadar 08/10/07

I am becoming slightly concerned with our progress from Rome…

On setting out, we had about 230kms and a ferry ride to get to Split. Two and a half weeks later, we still have 160kms to go!!! :)

But, not to worry…things are looking good from here. The Croatian coast is stunning, and best of all, half the price of Italy. The only thing that really concerns me is crossing Turkey in the middle of winter. I have been told it gets down to -20°C so I was hoping to be across by the end of December. Not that I have any idea how far it is to Istanbul from here, but it is looking less and less likely that I will make it.

And, today has been earmarked for another rest day…or internet day anyway. As you might have noticed I have now started posting videos on youtube. This has been heaps of fun, but is extremely time consuming! Reliving our experiences has had Steph and I in endless fits of laughter :)

And that’s pretty much all that happened today…

A little bit of worry, some sleep and a lot of laughs :)

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