Friday, 12 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Sv. Petar to Pakostane 10/10/07

It was the first night in the tent for a long while and I had an extremely nice sleep. The temperature was warm, making it easy to rise and the weather was perfect for walking, overcast with a slight breeze…that is until it became slightly more overcast and started raining :(

We just managed to make our first major town without having to don our rain gear and sort shelter in a café. The owner was great. She spoke good English, and fed us up on pomegranate.

Stocking up on food and getting in to our raingear we headed off. There was a steady drizzle, but not very heavy, so we were constantly trying to decide whether to have raingear on or off. The problem being, if its not raining very hard we end up wetter from sweat than we do from the rain :)

It was great to be off the main road! We found a nice little dirt track (well, I thought it was nice…Steph was finding it hard to walk on), to take us to the lake where we would camp for the night.

After spending weeks listening to Steph complain about the main roads, I now had to listen to her complain about the dirt track. It was very amusing ;)

I do feel for her however. After buying her computer she is now walking with an extremely heavy pack. I know it is not easy…

We found the lake, but had a little trouble finding our path that would keep us off the highway. After staggering through farmer’s paddocks, studying the map over and over, and finally stopping for dinner in a pine forest, we discovered it was only 20m down the road :)

All was looking well until 5 minutes down the track Steph decided she couldn’t do the dirt and rocks any longer. We were at a bit of a loss as to what to do. There wasn’t really that much choice so we walked for another kilometer before finding a paddock to camp. It was only five o’clock and it felt good to set up early. We had still covered over 20kms today so I was happy.

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Margaret said...

Hi Steph and Ben
What a trip you're having. Love the photos. After all the turbulence within the last twenty years you don't seem to see any of that or is it because you are off the beaten track? Keep well, enjoy. Margaret

Ben :) said...

Hi Mard

Almost everything we have seen so far is new! There is construction everywhere here!