Monday, 29 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Klek to Banici 25/10/07

Perched on top of the mountain, it was a beautiful place to arise. We were treated to a gorgeous sunrise before heading down to the border.

Bosnia has managed to control 10kms of coastline, splitting Croatia in two. I still haven’t found out what the people in this 10km strip think, but judging by the trouble at the border post we were meant to pass yesterday, it is cause for some trouble.

It was also funny when we went to pay for our pizza. The waiter let us pay in Croatian Kunas, but when we asked for our change in the same currency he scowled saying we had to get change in Bosnian marks because we were in Bosnia :)

Walking along the coast was great. The islands and the mountains make for very pleasant scenery.

After getting back to Croatia, we past two police doing a speed check. The young guy started talking to me as I passed…

“Are you English?”
“No, Australian”
“Do you have a passport?”
“Yes, of course, it’s in my bag” I said with a big smile which was really saying “please believe me because my bag is really fucking heavy and I can’t be bothered putting it down for you”
He had a quick chat to his senior officer who couldn’t speak English, so asking through the younger one…
“Where are you going now?”
“Doli, maybe Slano”
“And where do you stay at nights?”
“Hotels…or camping” I wasn’t sure whether to add the “camping”, but I was glad when the response got big smiles…

It turned out the copper owned some apartments 10kms down the road and offered for us to stay there :) We weren’t sure if we could make it that far but we took the address anyway.

It started getting dark so the plan was to find a restaurant, have a feed, then stagger down the road for another kilometer or two to find a place to camp. It turned out the only restaurant we could find was too smoky, and feeling exhausted we just wanted to stop for the night.

Looking at the map we concluded that the policeman’s apartments were only just down the road. After what seemed like endless kilometers walking in the dark, we finally hit a town. Somehow we had managed to walk right past the town we wanted and were an extra 5kms down the road! And the worst part was the town was tiny…

Seeing a sign for rooms Steph went to investigate. They were closed, but after taking a look at the poor state we were in, the woman then rang around town till she found someone to take us in. All seemed great until we found out that there would be no hot water till morning! I really don’t see the point in getting a room if I don’t get a hot shower before bed!

But beggars can’t be choosers ;)

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