Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Medugorje 22/10/07

Places that draw people for spiritual reasons have a special feel; Medugorje is no exception.

The story goes that in 1981 six children saw an apparition of a mother and child. From that day on she appeared to them everyday at around 6pm to deliver messages, mostly about peace. Over the years she stopped appearing to all but one child, and 26 years later she still comes to deliver her message.

Since 1981 it is estimated that over 20 million people have made a pilgrimage here to see for themselves. Whether you believe the story or not is of very little consequence. What everyone who makes the journey can agree on is that Medugorje is truly magical. And what amazed me most is the power Medugorje has to draw people back. Many of the travelers I met had been here 10-20 times!

I felt great when I woke up, probably because I knew I didn’t have to walk anywhere ;)

The only thing I wanted to do today was climb “apparition hill”, the place Mary first appeared. After a leisurely morning and a great lunch, Steph and I headed off. There was only one fork in the road and sure enough we got it wrong! Realizing our mistake I figured Apparition Hill was probably the one next to us, so rather than go back to find the track, I made my own. Steph wisely left me too it :)

It was a lot harder than it looked! On reaching the top there were no apparitions and no track back down. It looks like I climbed the wrong bloody hill! But I got a great view anyway…and full on prickles for my effort!

The Mass at 6pm had been recommended to us, so in preparation I thought I better go and have a couple of beers ;) I ran into an Irish lad at the bar who was meeting some friends later in the night and invited me to join them. I explained that it was always dangerous going drinking with the Irish, but he assured me that they were here for religious purposes and weren’t out for a big one. So I thought why not…

What a mistake! Irish not out for a big night…that will be the day! I knew I should have left when the whisky started being drunk straight out of the bottle. And if I’d had any sense left at all, I definitely would have left after the ringleader of the straight whisky drinking passed out cold on the bar floor. But as it was I don’t remember leaving at all…

What a great night! Thanks guys…I can’t wait to see the video footage ;)

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