Friday, 19 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Omis to Brela 18/10/07

Ivan had told us of this place we HAD to check out before leaving Omis. Called “Konoba u Naseg Marina”, we weren’t really sure what it was but we figured it must be worth a look…it had been open for over 100 years!

After asking a few locals, one man smiles knowingly and takes us down some winding narrow streets till we reached a rather ordinary looking door. Being 08:30 in the morning I was surprised it was even open, but I was even more surprised on entering…

The place was decked out like a dingy pirates cave and just to top it of there were six or seven rough looking locals sitting round the bar drinking whisky! I was impressed, at 08:30 on a Thursday morning Omis had a raging afterparty! :)

Ivan had recommended the salted fish so I went to the bar to order…

“Do you serve food yet?”
“No, just…” Drinking motions
“Then two hot chocolates please”
“No, nothing hot”
“Not even coffee?”
More laughs
“Just beer or whisky”

“Hmmm, just beer and whisky” I thought to myself. Did I want to start my day like this??? I glanced at the bar and noticed a guy drinking this toxic looking black stuff…

“What about that?”
Even more laughs
“Yes, just beer, whisky and that”
“Well, I’ll have one of those”

Nothing like a glass of toxic black stuff to start your day ;)

Then, after finally finding some food it was back to the road. This coast is SENSATIONAL!!! I’m loving walking at the moment.

I had some things I needed to do urgently on the net so spotting a caravan park we went for a look.

Milan, the owner was an extremely friendly guy, but kindly explained that the internet was only for guests. It wasn’t until I pulled out one of my flash new business cards that he agreed. Being official is paying off already :)

After hearing what we were doing Milan offered for us to stay the night, but unfortunately we had only come 9kms from Omis so we couldn’t accept. It was a shame because Milan’s caravan park is truly magical. The camping area is a narrow strip of about 10m, lodged between the cliffs and the ocean…really awesome! If anyone is down this way their number is +385 9844 8888.

We should have had lunch at the caravan park because after leaving there wasn’t to be another restaurant for about 14kms.

We were both exhausted when we finally staggered into Brela at 18:30. After a great feed we headed for the beach to camp.

Unfortunately, Brela is a resort town and even though it had a wonderful footpath along the waters edge, it also had big flouro lights every 10m! Not so helpful when looking for a hiding spot to camp :(

Doing a pilgrimage is hard at the best of times, but I tell you what, try doing it with your mother! I must be a sucker for punishment…having already done the Camino De Santiago together, you would think I should know better ;)

However, there must be some good lessons I need to learn to put myself through this. As they say, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.

Finally we managed to find a little bit of beach in the shadow of some trees to camp. It wasn’t perfect but it would have to do.

The main concern was a bit of lightning on the horizon. Let’s hope it doesn’t come our way…

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