Monday, 1 October 2007

Pilgrimage from Avezzano to Cerchio 28/09/07

I was feeling much better this morning. It might have had something to do with last night being the first night without any wine since starting ;)

I also got to sleep in, as now I have my computer back I have dedicated the first half of the day to catch up on all my blogs. And that’s how I spent my morning. Bloging, bloging and more bloging…

By the time everything was finished and on the net it was 16:00! But it felt great to have them all out of the way.

Even though it was late we figured we might as well get a few kilometers out of the way so we headed off down the highway.

A few days rest has done Steph wonders! She was off and racing and we managed to make 12kms with hardly any rest…I was impressed!

It was then starting to get dark so seeing a restaurant we stopped for dinner. Steph did start to look slightly distressed though on finding out that the next hotel was 45kms away! It looks like we will be wild camping tonight.

It was amusing watching Steph’s facial expressions through the meal as she was coming to terms with the idea. Having done this many times I knew it would be fine but it’s funny how I was forced to look at the situation a bit differently now that I was dragging my mother along.

By the time we had finished the meal Steph seemed resigned to the idea so we set off to find a suitable camping spot.

Luckily we didn’t have to go far before finding a nice quiet field…or quietish, as Steph was sure she could hear an animal eating right next to her tent ;)

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